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I was thick in a dream when my head turned (with almost uncanny speed) to the old alarm clock. At first I remembered how it served other bedsides, and that I only treated it with the anger and chill of every early morning.

Then my eyes decided to cooperate a bit more, and the clock read 8:16 am. Had this been a weekend I would be incredibly proud of my timing, but no...just a work day. A work day!

I was supposed to be in the next town ten minutes ago.

Between then and late afternoon was almost like a film manually turned over frame by frame. A silent film!

Soon I'll choose to jog about the almost untouched manmade paths around this housing development; and out to the edge I'll go, with a clear view of the Rockies.

Maybe there the air unyielding,

will make me forget all about occupations.

Perhaps I'll think about this beautiful girl from back home. And how her eyes were really the only place I got lost when I visited.

(this is me, all 'high energy' and such)

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